Ministry Training and Bible College courses should be affordable and accessible to all pastors, leaders & believers.

  • 95% of the world's pastors and leaders have had no training.

  • Quality, affordable Ministry Training and Bible College courses.

  • Practical Ministry Training delivered by Bible believing experts.

  • Study anytime, anywhere, any device.


To provide effective ministry training for pastors, leaders and volunteers that is accessible globally.

Some say the hope of the world is the Church and I don't disagree with that, however, I believe the hope of the world is the Word of God, the Bible. In some parts of the world, the Bible has been reduced to myth, story and the subject of ridicule. Even inside the Church, some have become selective in their approach of what to include and exclude as authoritative. I approach the Bible as wholly inspired by God without exception. If our pastors, leaders and volunteers build their lives, ministries and Churches on the truth of the word, the world will be transformed. This is the foundation of my life and ministry and the building block of the mission of Axx. To more fully explain the mission of Axx I have separated it into key components. 

  • Biblically based

Ministry must be based on the Bible.  

  • Effective

It needs to go beyond just head knowledge into a practical outworking of every aspect of life and ministry. 

  • Ministry

Ministry is not defined by a title but it is defined by calling and function. Some of us are called to be a five-fold gift and some of us are called to be part of the full richness of a variety of ministries.  outside of the traditional church roles. 

  • Training

Jesus sought to train and disciple people rather than give an academic career or educate people. Training is the how-to and not just head knowledge. 

  • Leadership programs

Leadership development is just as important as spiritual formation, they are coequal partners in discipling believers. 

  • Trusted

You can trust that programs are developed by educational and ministry experts while remaining faithful to the teachings of the Bible. 

  • Accessible 

many people have access to high-quality training resources restricted to them because of cost, geography, discrimination, education or persecution. Axx seeks to reduce these barriers as much as possible. 

  • Globally

This a dedicated adherence to Matt 28:19 Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations. 

  • Pastors

A generic description for all those who are called to full-time ministry inside the Church otherwise know as Eph 4:11 the gifts Christ gave to the church: the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, and the pastors and teachers.

  • Leaders

Those who are called to lead Churches and Ministries.

  • Volunteers

Those who serve in Churches and Ministries.

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