How it Works

The qualifications are certified by Axx and our ministry training partners. These qualifications are uniquely designed to meet the needs of specific groups or communities. Certified Training includes:

  • Personalised and verified certificates and certification that you have completed all the assessment tasks in the qualification.

  • Graduate with a Certificate and be Certified.

  • Tailored qualifications to meet specific training needs.

  • 30 day money back guarantee

  • Lectures delivered by devoted biblical experts.

  • Content reviews to ensure that you have understood the training.

  • Affordable Ministry Training and Bible College courses.

  • Start and finish anytime.

Certificate of Theology

Build your understanding about God

This Certificate is an Introduction to the Theological concepts of the Bible. It helps the learner understand who God is, who they are in God and the Theological dynamics of the Holy Spirit.
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Certificate of the Bible

An Introduction to the Word of God

This qualification is the perfect starting point for a deeper appreciation of the Bible. The Certificate of the Bible is a structure program of study that guides the learner through the basics of Understanding and Interpreting the Bible.
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Certification of Local Church Ministry

An Introduction to the Ministry

This qualification is for people who are serving or who are preparing to serve in a local Church. It is suited for people undertaking a one year Internship program. It is the first qualification a person would do who is serving in a local Church.
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Certification of Pastoral Ministry

Build your Ministry Leadership

The Certification of Pastoral Ministry program enlarges your knowledge of biblical teaching and theology, while starting to develop your team and people leadership skills.
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Certification of Church Planting

Build The Church

The Certification of Church Planting equips ministers & potential ministers with the foundational biblical, practical, theological skills & knowledge to establish a Church through planting new pioneer churches, satellite churches or developing an established Church.
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Ministry Masterclass

Personal and ministry development for experienced ministry leaders

The Ministry Masterclass is designed for people in ministry who are looking for personal and ministry development in a reflective atmosphere. The courses are a selected from Graduate programs i.e. Masters degree and D Min level programs.
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Upcoming Certified Ministry Training Qualifications

Get the heads up on new qualifications as we add them. We will email you the latest updates as they arrive.