Course Preview

What You Will Learn

What you can expect to know and be able to do at the end of this course

  • Evaluate and categorise contemporary Christian and non-Christian ministry contexts’ conceptions of God as biblical, orthodox or heretical on the basis of scripture and church creeds

  • Formulate a defence of the Christian Doctrine of God to address those conceptions categorised as heretical

  • Assess the peculiarities and needs of a particular contemporary ministry through the framework of a theology of God

  • Incorporate Biblical passages, Biblical and systematic theology and church history to support the application of theology proper to a ministry context


  • Passion for understanding the nature of God as outlined in the Scriptures

  • Be able to appreciate how the variety of Biblical testimony to the nature of God results in orthodox Christian doctrine

  • Be aware that this course is a foundational course. It is suitable for people who want to lay a strong foundation for deepening their understanding of Christian theology


Pastor Jeremy Weetman

Jeremy has been in pastoral ministry for over twenty years. He and his wife plated the church they lead on the Gold Coast (Australia), Eikon Community, in 2006 and transitioned the congregation into a missional expression of church. He has served on various denominational committees and been teaching in bible colleges since 2011. He is studying towards his Doctor of Ministry and is interested in sacred space and contemporary spirituality.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction and Relevance

    • Introduction and Relevance

  • 2

    Talking Theology

    • Talking Theology

  • 3

    Introducing the Trinity

    • Introducing the Trinity

  • 4

    Trinity in the Old Testament

    • Trinity in the Old Testament

  • 5

    Trinity in the New Testament

    • Trinity in the New Testament

  • 6

    God as Trinity

    • God as Trinity

  • 7

    Trinity as Community

    • Trinity as Community

  • 8

    Historical Misconceptions

    • Historical Misconceptions

  • 9

    God the Father

    • God the Father

  • 10

    God the Son

    • God the Son

  • 11

    God the Holy Spirit

    • God the Holy Spirit

  • 12

    Trinity Together

    • Trinity Together

  • 13

    The Work of Christ

    • The Work of Christ

  • 14

    The Work of the Holy Spirit

    • The Work of the Holy Spirit

  • 15

    Gifts & Fruit of the Holy Spirit

    • Gifts & Fruit of the Holy Spirit