Course Preview

What You Will Learn

What you can expect to know and be able to do at the end of this course

  • Analyse the spiritual health of a Christian individual against the Biblical standard

  • Employ spiritual disciplines to increase personal spiritual health

  • Establish your current personal core values and a personal mission statement in order to plan a pathway to future aspirations

  • Assign personal goals and utilise personal management skills to achieve those goals

  • Continually monitor and evaluate progress towards the achievement of personal goals in accordance with Christian practices


  • Passion for understanding the factors which determine spiritual health

  • Be able to apply newly learned techniques to ones own life and practice

  • Be aware that this is a foundational personal management course. It is suitable for people who are willing to implement changes to improve their own spiritual health and personal management practices


Amelia Pickering

Amelia has had a diverse career thus far, one dedicated to working towards building a better world and empowering others to do the same. Over the past 25 years her passion for leadership, academia and social justice have led her to pioneer an adult literacy and numeracy school for the disadvantaged, assume the role of university VP and run a social enterprise focused on increasing EQ within corporations and NFPs. This, along with her interest and acumen for social impact and investment strategy, has afforded her the opportunity to work with various NPFs in creating holistic frameworks for change, and mobilise capital for impact.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Course Introduction

  • 2

    Make the main thing the main thing

    • Make the main thing the main thing

  • 3

    Spiritual Disciplines - Growth

    • Spiritual Disciplines - Growth

  • 4

    Spiritual Disciplines - Practicalities

    • Spiritual Disciplines - Practicalities

  • 5

    Introduction to Identity

    • Introduction to Identity

  • 6

    Building a Healthy Self

    • Building a Healthy Self

  • 7


    • Values

  • 8

    Christian Values

    • Christian Values

  • 9

    Personal Mission Statement

    • Personal Mission Statement

  • 10


    • Goals

  • 11

    Prioritising & Time Management - priorities and the 4 quadrants

    • Prioritising & Time Management - priorities and the 4 quadrants

  • 12

    Prioritising & Time Management - organising & executing

    • Prioritising & Time Management - organising & executing

  • 13

    Health & Wholeness

    • Health & Wholeness

  • 14

    Goals - review and evaluation

    • Goals - review and evaluation