Course Preview

What You Will Learn

What you can expect to know and be able to do at the end of this course

  • Demonstrate familiarity with the New Testament books and their contents

  • Discuss critical and historical issues related to the New Testament

  • Describe the historical and geographical setting of the New Testament and the chronology of the main events referred to in the New Testament

  • Demonstrate basic understanding of key theological concepts in the New Testament

  • Discuss selected New Testament passages and their application


  • Passion for understanding the history and the background of the New Testament

  • Be able to appreciate the richness and practical insights from themes found in the New Testament

  • Be aware that this course is a advanced degree level course. It is suitable for people who want to be enriched in their knowledge of the Bible.


Dr. Ashley Crane

Ashley is a leading Pentecostal scholar (Ph.D Murdoch), ministering in a prophetic anointing throughout Australasia and the USA in many churches, conferences and leadership training seminars; he is zealous to see people fully trained and flowing in both the Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. Ashely has been in ministry for 38 years, and pastored five cross-cultural churches in Israel, the USA, and Australia. Ashley was the Principal/CEO of Harvest West Bible College for 18 years. Ashley is the VP / Secretary for Celebrate Messiah (Australia), and pastoral team at Sound City Church (Rockingham).

Dr. Uwen Low

Uwen has recently completed his PhD in the Book of Revelation. His research interests include the Book of Revelation, visual exegesis, postcolonial criticism, performance criticism, and cultural (particularly Asian) readings of the Biblical text. Uwen was a youth pastor for a number of years prior to undertaking full time bible teaching.

Pastor Grant Buchanan

Prior to bible teaching Grant served as full time pastor and school chaplain. Although a lecturer in theology and biblical studies with a focus on Pauline theology and the Gospels, Grant also operates as a professional counsellor and is working towards the completion of this Doctor of Philosophy by exploring a pneumatological reading of Galatians in light of 6:15 and the impact this has on Christian identify.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Intertestamental Period

    • The Intertestamental Period

  • 2

    Varieties of Judaism

    • Varieties of Judaism

  • 3

    The Greco-Roman World

    • The Greco-Roman World

  • 4

    Formation of New Testament Canon

    • Formation of New Testament Canon

  • 5

    Origins of the Gospel

    • Origins of the Gospel

  • 6

    The Synoptic Question

    • The Synoptic Question

  • 7

    Gospels as Witness to Jesus

    • Gospels as Witness to Jesus

  • 8

    Matthew: Unique Features

    • Matthew: Unique Features

  • 9

    Jesus in Matthew

    • Jesus in Matthew

  • 10

    Mark: Unique Features

    • Mark: Unique Features

  • 11

    Jesus in Mark

    • Jesus in Mark

  • 12

    Luke: Unique Features (1)

    • Luke: Unique Features (1)

  • 13

    Luke: Unique Features (2)

    • Luke: Unique Features (2)

  • 14

    Luke & Social Justice

    • Luke & Social Justice

  • 15

    The Holy Spirit in Luke

    • The Holy Spirit in Luke

  • 16

    John: Unique Features

    • John: Unique Features

  • 17

    John & the Synoptic Gospels

    • John & the Synoptic Gospels

  • 18

    Jesus in John

    • Jesus in John

  • 19

    Miracles, Signs & Faith in John

    • Miracles, Signs & Faith in John