Course Preview

What You Will Learn

What you can expect to know and be able to do at the end of this course

  • Analyse a particular church’s perspective on suffering and overcoming and its relationship to effective ministry, and categorised with respect to contemporary Christian perspectives

  • Distinguish contexts of key passages from both testaments relating to difficult situations, as well as the context from a current ministry experience to aid in appropriate application

  • Formulate from Biblical passages and implement applications to a current ministry experience

  • Apply evaluative thinking to determine the personal and corporate effects of one’s personal appropriation of the Biblical principles of suffering and overcoming in a ministry context

  • Hypothesise more effective alternative appropriations of Biblical principles and develop them into a plan for future improvement in the areas of endurance and overcoming


  • Passion for understanding what it takes to last the distance in ministry

  • Be able to appreciate the importance of a robust theology of suffering and overcoming for longevity in ministry

  • Be aware that this course is suitable for people who want to deepen their understanding of the dynamics of life in ministry


Regan Perry

Regan firmly believes that you never stop learning and enjoys creating pathways for other to discover their full potential. He has lead & served on church staff, coordinating teams & interns, and overseen ministry programs and campus facilities.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Longevity & Suffering

    • Longevity & Suffering

  • 2


    • Overcoming

  • 3

    Old Testament Examples

    • Old Testament Examples

  • 4

    New Testament Examples

    • New Testament Examples

  • 5

    Biblical Solutions

    • Biblical Solutions

  • 6

    Principles Applied

    • Principles Applied

  • 7

    A Personal Strategy

    • A Personal Strategy

  • 8

    Reflection & Application

    • Reflection & Application