Course Preview

What You Will Learn

What you can expect to know and be able to do at the end of this course

  • Discuss the original meaning of Biblical texts in English language Bibles from the context, structure, syntax, grammar and genre

  • Apply the concept of semantic domains to complete word studies of significant biblical words in English language Bibles

  • Create suggested applications of biblical passages based on the original meaning of the passage

  • Find and correctly use source material including quotation, paraphrase, summary, citation and bibliographic form

  • Discuss common problems and issues in interpreting texts


Pastor Grant Buchanan

Prior to bible teaching Grant served as full time pastor and school chaplain. Although a lecturer in theology and biblical studies with a focus on Pauline theology and the Gospels, Grant also operates as a professional counsellor and is working towards the completion of this Doctor of Philosophy by exploring a pneumatological reading of Galatians in light of 6:15 and the impact this has on Christian identify.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    New Testament Genre: Gospels

    • New Testament Genre: Gospels

  • 2

    New Testament Genre: Epistles

    • New Testament Genre: Epistles

  • 3

    New Testament Genre: Revelation

    • New Testament Genre: Revelation

  • 4

    Old Testament Genre: Narrative

    • Old Testament Genre: Narrative

  • 5

    Old Testament Genre: Law & Prophets

    • Old Testament Genre: Law & Prophets

  • 6

    Old Testament Genre: Poetry

    • Old Testament Genre: Poetry

  • 7

    Old Testament Genre: Wisdom

    • Old Testament Genre: Wisdom

  • 8

    New Testament Genre: Acts

    • New Testament Genre: Acts

  • 9

    Communicating the Passage

    • Communicating the Passage

  • 10

    Where we have Been

    • Where we have Been