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What You Will Learn

What you can expect to know and be able to do at the end of this course

  • Analyse the narrative structure, chronology and key characters of Acts

  • Discuss key historical, critical and hermeneutical issues related to Acts

  • Understand the theology of Acts and its relationship to other biblical books

  • Evaluate differing interpretations of key passages in Acts related to the Christian experience of the Holy Spirit

  • Compare the use of narratives in Acts to consider questions of ecclesiology and missiology

  • Use the content of Acts in ministry, devotion and Christian living today


  • Passion for understanding the history and the background of the Acts of the Apostles.

  • Be able to appreciate the richness and practical insights from themes found in the book of Acts.

  • Be aware that this course is a advanced degree level course. It is suitable for people who want to be enriched in their knowledge of the Bible.

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Alex Paton



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Peter Toms

Enjoyed and found informative

Enjoyed and found informative

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Comes to life

Brendan Roach

This is a great course that took me right into the text of the Book of Acts

This is a great course that took me right into the text of the Book of Acts

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Dr. Jon Newton

John is an Associate Professor at Alphacrucis College after serving for nine years at Harvest Bible College, most recently as Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research. His goal is to promote Christian higher education and missions, including training students for Asia and Europe. Dr Jon's PhD was gained at Deakin University (conferred 2007) with a thesis entitled "Postmodernism, Christianity and the Book of Revelation." The author of two books: Revelation Reclaimed: The Use and Misuse of the Apocalypse (Paternoster 2009) and The Revelation Worldview (Wipf and Stock 2015). I also edited New Frontiers: Redefining Christian Ministry for 21st Century Contexts (Mosaic 2013). I have also had a number of articles published in peer-reviewed journals such as Australian Biblical Review, Colloquium, Heythrop Journal and Journal of Pentecostal Theology. I am the editor of the Journal of Contemporary Ministry. Currently I am working on a commentary on Revelation for a new Pentecostal commentary series. My other main research interest is Australian Pentecostalism. In other areas of life, I am married to Judy (since 1977) and we attend New Horizons Christian Church, Whittlesea, having served as senior ministers of Oasis Church in Hampton, a bay side suburb of Melbourne, 2011-2018. Qualifications PhD (Deakin University) Dissertation Title Postmodernism, Christianity and the Book of Revelation 2007 MA (Australian College of Theology) 2000 BA (Hons) (ICI University, Texas)

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Peter & Cornelius

    • Peter & Cornelius

  • 2

    Caesarea & Antioch Church

    • Caesarea & Antioch Church

  • 3

    Herod & the Jerusalem Church

    • Herod & the Jerusalem Church

  • 4

    The 'First Missionary Journey' (1)

    • The 'First Missionary Journey' (1)

  • 5

    The 'First Missionary Journey' (2)

    • The 'First Missionary Journey' (2)

  • 6

    The 'First Missionary Journey' (3)

    • The 'First Missionary Journey' (3)

  • 7

    The Issues

    • The Issues

  • 8

    The Debate

    • The Debate

  • 9

    The Decision

    • The Decision

  • 10

    The 'Second Missionary Journey': Philippi

    • The 'Second Missionary Journey': Philippi

  • 11

    Thessalonica to Athens

    • Thessalonica to Athens

  • 12


    • Corinth

  • 13

    Transition to Ephesus

    • Transition to Ephesus

  • 14

    Triumph in Ephesus

    • Triumph in Ephesus

  • 15

    End of Paul's Free Ministry

    • End of Paul's Free Ministry

  • 16

    Riot in Jerusalem

    • Riot in Jerusalem

  • 17

    Paul's First Defences

    • Paul's First Defences

  • 18

    Paul's Second Defences

    • Paul's Second Defences

  • 19

    Journey to Rome & the Storm

    • Journey to Rome & the Storm

  • 20

    Shipwreck & Final Arrival

    • Shipwreck & Final Arrival

  • 21

    End of the Story

    • End of the Story